Emmaus Care
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Daily services include:

3 meals; housekeeping; activities program; transportation (medical & personal), laundry.

24 hours a day of care and supervision by experienced staff in a secured home.

We provide a warm and active home with extensive services for seniors who need extra assistance with their daily activities. Our caregivers are available for a few hours a day/week to 24 hours live-in care where the caregiver lives with the senior/elderly. 

·      A private and semi-private room with comfortable and nice furniture’s are provided.

·      24 hours a day of care and supervision by experienced staff in a secured home

·      Home cooked meals using fresh ingredients. Snacks, fruits and refreshments available all day long

·      Bathing, dressing and grooming assistance

·      Laundry and housekeeping service

·      Medication supervision and assistance

·      Transport to and from medical/dental appointments

·      Unlimited local and long distance calls available

Wake-up and meal times are on flexible schedules toaccommodate the specific needs of each resident. Theresidents are encouraged to express their personal desires and we take in consideration their preferences. Families and friends are encouraged to join us at any time.


Regular Serving:

  • Prepared with very little salt and seasonings containing salt.
  • Herbs and spices are used for flavoring. 2000-2200 calories, 80-100 grams of protein.
  • Residents are allowed to add more salt to their food at the table if they desire. 

Regular/Diet/Large Portion 

Nutrient needs- 1 – 1 1/2 portion size 2500 –2700 calories daily.

Small Portion:

Weight loss – 3/4 of normal portion.

No Added Salt:

Edema, High blood pressures or mild Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)- no added salt. 2000-2200 calories, 80-100 grams of protein, 3-4g sodium. 

Carbohydrate Controlled Diet:

Diabetic Residents (Both insulin dependent and non-insulin dependent) or Residents who desire weight loss or weight maintenance. 1800-2000 calories. 

Regular Diet, Texture modifications for meat

Cut up meat into bite size pieces, chop meat, ground meat and thickened liquids. Minced, cooked or canned. 

Pureed Diet: 

All food will be pureed to the consistency of mashed potatoes or pudding unless otherwise specified. Milk, broth or juice may need to be added to puree.

Finger Foods:

Residents who have difficulty using utensils to eat or decreased hand dexterity. Who has decreased attentions span.

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